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I love Halloween parties! The first guy did a great job with his make-up. Was there a contest for best Halloween costume?


Your subject in the first photo was very creative.

Chris V.

The devil guy rocks...and it does appear that he is getting his butt checked out


4th pic: the smile on the guy's face, plus the dimples, doesn't make him devilish/dracula enough like the guy in the 1st pic haha!

p.s. since you grew up in Gent, you probably know about Amadeus too? i love the endless supply of ribs, i keep going back for more :)


Everyone looks so good! And everyone's having so much fun. You have really captured the atmosphere and spirit of the party in these photos. Well done! :)


Heck of a party!


I love the flames on the top one!

Ronalyn Barut

Wow.. Halloween is a time to party there! So much fun and life in these pictures!


she received 25k USD

c'est plus que 1M Php .. :(

but whats really sad about it is, it will not be the last time ..



In your photos it is possible to be appreciated that the Philippine young people are handsome and they are known to amuse. Greetings!


Wow. Halloween must be a funny day. Here in spain is not a traditional party. We only disguise ourselves for carnival days, in february. Good series ;)

Anna Lyn

... and partying more! :)
It is nice to see happy faces!


And still they come.


Nice looking chicks. Hmmm, I wonder if they're palm side up too?


BACCHUS, n. A convenient deity invented by the ancients as an excuse
for getting drunk.
Is public worship, then, a sin,
That for devotions paid to Bacchus
The lictors dare to run us in,
And resolutely thump and whack us?
Ambrose Bierce." The devil's dictionary"
Great Bacchanalia:)


this sets is less scary. however the 1st photo looks interesting.


Looks like a fun Halloween party!


another great series ! the top picture is funny with the gay looking behind hmmm!

M Reza

the top is very funny ;) i'm agree , a perfect party ! a warm one ...


For some reason, the guy on the right in the bottom picture looks like his face is upside down!

David Kapp

This really does look like a great party. I wish I were there to see it in person.


Hey, I recognize the guy in the first photo. Saw him in a star wars movie.
Great looking girl in the third photo.
People really seem to know how to celebrate halloween over there.
Are they still celebrating?


heheh - Man U fan at the top eh?


devil dude looks damn creepy!


I could equip a nice studio with all the money spent on make-up and costumes! And we won't talk about all the money spent on alcohol :)

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